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HeroiCraft is a community centered Minecraft Network. We have a very popular Survival server, with kingdoms such as Westerville and Hyvinstia, a trade centered economy, and players from all over the world. Our Creative server has marvelous builds and 48 by 48 mergeable plots, attracting builers and fun!

Next in line, we have the Games server. After builing a huge castle in Survival or an ammusement park in Creative, players come to unwind with a game of BlockHunt or Spleef. Constantly adding more, the Games server is a great place to be. Finally, the Skyblock Server. The classic skyblock island, now in a communal form, with trading and parties. There is something for everyone on HeroiCraft, so come join the family!

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Owner, Founder, Developer

Hello! I am HeroCC! I am the founder of HeroiCraft, and built this server from the ground up. If you have any questions or comments about the server, I'm the one to talk to!


Lead Moderator

Welcome to HeroiCraft! Survival is my favorite wolrd, but I also have builds in creative and skyblock! I am a persistent and good builder, so if you need any advice on a build, you can ask me! If you need any help and HeroCC is not on, ask me! Have fun!


Moderator, Cuthulu Enthusiast

wp31 is a new moderator, who is a somewhat an old moderator. Also, he loves Cuthulu. praisecuthulu praisecuthulu praisecuthulu

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